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Prepare your immune system for the months ahead.

Why not take proactive steps to boost your immune system through your food. 

Kitchen Joy will enlighten you on the health benefits of food-types by offering an explanation of how certain key ingredients interact with the body and when used in the right way, boosting the immune system to maximise both physical and mental output over the dark winter months. 

Our one day medicinal cookery class is an introduction to nutritional cooking which incorporates the healthiest foods into exciting and tasty recipes in a simplistic way, providing a gradual approach to building your immune system to best fight winter bugs and to stave off winter blues. You will learn to cook a wide range of simple, healthy dishes using fresh and easily available ingredients. You will discover the medicinal benefits of selected herbs and spices with an explanation of the importance of certain nutrient groups which can strengthen our immune systems. 

Sample recipes will include:

  • Probiotic shake

  • Roasted garlic and butternut-squash hummus

  • Bone broth

  • Moroccan Tagine with quinoa

  • Chocolate beetroot brownies

Our hands-on cookery classes at KitchenJoy's Kitchen in Chiswick include the ingredients, food preparation and cooking equipment, and drinks. You will prepare and cook dishes around the KitchenJoy Island and can enjoy eating your dishes together with the group on the long dining table. There will also be some left over foods for you to take home to share with your loved ones.

Courses      max 6 persons
Dates         Sunday 1st September 2019
Duration     1 day
Timings      11 a.m. to 3.30pm
Cost            £120.00

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