The slaw is made up of red cabbage, pomegranate and watercress salad

The slaw is made up of red cabbage, pomegranate and watercress salad


Just rocking off to the Hamptons! Was always on my bucket list and it did not disappoint. We flew to NY and hired a car to the furthest tip of Long Island - Montauk, which is a surfing laid back town. Very quaint with the colonial style houses and great rolling sand dunes and beaches. The food was very fresh and lots of new ideas for KitchenJoy. Second day in we visited a very local seafood festival and had our first (one of many…) lobster rolls and fish tacos. We ate an abundance of seafood generally; such as lobster, oysters, clams and crabs with huge cobb salads to accompany it and tried a few raw tuna tacos as well. Also checked out a few new vegan options to experiment with back home such as smoked salmon (carrot lox), cream cheese & bagels, all very delicious.
Was only back a few days and one of my close friends from Hong Kong got married, a huge party near Epping Forest with copious amounts of fizz, food & dancing! A good time had by all…..

My father’s 91st birthday, and decided to make him a Russian Sharlotka cake which is more of a batter with seasonal blackberries & pears. Was very delicious and will be adding to the recipe portfolio!

For the last Sunday in September, I went to Sunday Papers Live event in Primrose HIll where presenters discuss various topics from politics, sport, to travel. Interesting debates and lounging on sofas all day, a great way to spend a Sunday!


It was a case of hit the ground running, when I returned from NY, as I had a full partner’s day at Not on the High St (NOTHS) where we had to launch Christmas! I published a new festive season course for the beginning of December on my website and on NOTHS, enticing people with alternative creative Christmas dishes. Following this, I headed up to W1 for a fun networking event at ISE Partners to meet hedge funders and other ISE clientele to promote corporate courses for KitchenJoy.

A law firm in Covent Garden had their end of summer party where the theme was Italian Job, executed splendidly, and again promoted KitchenJoy tasting demos to their partners and clients.

I visited the Food Trade Fair at Olympia to research new creative ideas with plenty of tastings. There were a lot more vegan options available, but the latest trend was CPD oil & hemp in cold pressed coffee and carbonated drinks and some foods. It also seems the USA are further ahead on this trend.


This month I ran a course on “Anti Ageing Skin Nutrition”. As we know, what you eat does effect your skin. We made a glowing skin smoothie with lots of mango, avocado, flax seeds & spinach to feed your skin - the largest organ of the body. For the main course we made Japanese miso glazed salmon, with lots of green veggies and grains. A gorgeous matcha green tea panna cotta for dessert, which is not only light but very nutritious with the green tea element which helps ageing, acne and stimulates and rejuvenates skin cells.

Below is a recipe for the Panna cotta. This can be made in advance and is so light, silky and creamy.

Matcha Panna Cotta

Serves 4


1 cup plant based or dairy milk

2 cups of cream

2 tsp gelatine

2 tsp matcha green powder

2 tsp vanilla essence

Toppings (optional)

Lightly grease 4 ramekins and set aside. (can spray with coconut oil)

Pour half the milk into a cup and sprinkle the gelatine on top. Stir and allow the gelatine to dissolve.

In a medium saucepan, over medium-low heat, pour the heavy cream, vanilla, sugar and matcha powder and whisk to combine.

Pour in the gelatine and cream mixture and stir.

Continue cooking and whisking occasionally until barely simmering.

Remove pan from heat and divide cream mixture among 4 ramekins (ideally chill ramekins overnight beforehand) and allow to come to room temperature.

Place the ramekins into the fridge for at least 4 hours to chill and set.

When ready to serve, dip each ramekin into a bowl with hot water for 5 seconds. Invert ramekin onto a serving plate. Top with fresh whipped cream and edible flowers or berries.




The slaw is made up of red cabbage, pomegranate and watercress salad

The slaw is made up of red cabbage, pomegranate and watercress salad


Lets start with the main social event of the month, going to the Wilderness Festival at the beginning of August glamping for 4 days. A talk called Munchies where famous chefs, influencers and journalists all connected with food talking on a panel from Tom Aitken, Angela Hartnett to Grace Dent, so really on trend discussing sustainability, eating healthier and ethical foods. The food stalls were amazing, from a roasted aubergine, onion bhaji naan at Naarnia to poke bowls, Malaysian curries and afternoon tea on a double decker bus. We also tried out aerial yoga and open lake swimming, so something for everyone.

Had a lovely family bbq in between the continuous August showers where I made minced turkey asian style burgers with brioche buns and a slaw of red cabbage, sour cream, horseradish & pomegranate, very fresh and delicious. And a traditional trifle, always a winner!

I saw a great talk at the National Theatre with Nigella Lawson and Yotam Ottolenghi being interviewed by the author Bee Wilson. It was all about authenticity of food and a Q&A with the audience on any subject relating to foods from what would your last meal be on earth to what would you serve Trump if he came to dinner!


On the day I returned from the Wilderness Festival, I had to hit the ground running as I was doing a live cooking demo at Wedlake Bell Law Firm in the city the next day and needed to prepare some dishes for x20 people to serve as well. I was going to demo a plant-based brain power smoothie and my infamous pea, za’atar fritters on my portable hob to an audience of x20. I also brought along some prepared dishes of roasted sweet potatoes, roasted oranges in marsala and figs, and vegan seitan (chicken) salad and avo brownies. The firm also organised a wine co to pair the dishes I was serving and we finished the session with very good wine on the roof terrace!

The next day I ran the second Government based course for London Waste & Recycling Board (LWARB) for x14 people at KitchenJoy cookery school. The objective was to cook and learn about low cost vegetarian ingredients that can be used from leftovers. We made an asian spicy mixed grain bowl of quinoa and red rice with broccoli and a soy + tahini dressing. For dessert we made sweet potato brownies with left over mashed potatoes.


This month I ran a course on “Foods for Sleep”. There are many of us who do not get enough sleep or interrupted sleep patterns throughout the night. Particular foods can help enhance your sleep quality. The dishes we made were a smoothie with home made almond milk as almonds are a great source of melatonin and the sleep-promoting mineral magnesium, two properties that make them a great food to eat before bed. Also turkey burgers which contain a lot of protein and tryptophan which helps induce tiredness. And finally oat and chocolate chip cookies as oats are very calming and relax your system.

Below is a recipe for the slaw I made at the bbq, as it is so easy, tastes delicious and looks so colourful, enjoy!

Red cabbage, pomegranate and watercress coleslaw

Serves 6


300 ml sour cream

1 tbsp horseradish sauce

100g pomegranate seeds

sea salt

1/2 red cabbage

approx 60g watercress

1/4 red onion, finely sliced

To make the dressing, whiz the sour cream, horseradish and a little salt in a blender. Cut the cabbage, slicing finely, discarding any thick white strands. Combine the cabbage, watercress, onion and half of the pomegranate seeds in a large salad bowl. You can prepare the salad to this point in advance, in which case, cover and set aside and chill the dressing. Shortly before serving, pour the dressing over the salad and scatter with the remaining seeds.


JULY 2019

Oats pouring into bowl for sweet potato brownies

Oats pouring into bowl for sweet potato brownies


Lots of lovely summer activities going on in London, from outdoor cinema viewings with picnics, to Summer in the Park concerts with Lionel Richie & Stevie Wonder! A mini heatwave and the odd thunderstorm, it certainly makes outings interesting. Have become a fan of the lido at the Serpentine in Hyde Park. I did a charity swim this month for “back up” and was in the water at 6.30 am after cycling to the park, up at the crack of dawn. The hottest day of the year last week, I also cycled to the Lido for a refreshing swim too!

Had a BBQ on the rainiest day of the month, just typical! Although it didnt actually rain in the evening so we were all outside, but food cooked in the ovens. Made a delicious feast of hot buffalo chicken wings to start, followed by ribs cooked in beer, home made rosemary & cumin lamb burgers, haloumi, courgette & mushroom kebabs and roasted aubergine skewers marinated in jerk sauce with a few interesting salads. I made my own version of Eton Mess for dessert and an experimental pea cake for future KitchenJoy classes, with raspberries and a lime icing which turned out really well & quite dense.

One of my outings was to see the Nigel Slater play - Toast, which was brilliant, not only informative about his childhood days and how he started cooking but very funny too. It was also interactive with the audience tasting foods mainly from the 70’s era of old fashioned sweets such as black jacks and walnut whips.

I met with a copywriter for lunch in Soho, as I was thinking of writing my autobiography. We ended up chatting for 5 hours, a lot of ground to cover. I have to submit x15 pages on an intro which I hope will be wow factor to get the readers to continue ! Watch this space.


The Live Wall is now flourishing with lots of new different plants, will take a while to grow fully but with the warm weather they are doing well. I continue to work with As Nature Intended (ANI) and they had a relaunch of their store in Balham this month with a private viewing the night before the store officially opened with various chefs and tasting demo’s. I showcased my pea, za’atar & feta fritters which everyone seemed to enjoy. There was also tasters of vegan pizza, vegan cheeses, vegetarian pasta’s and many more delights.

Am delighted to be going back in August, to the Law Firm - Wedlake Bell to host an evening event of a power brain smoothie and veggie fritters on the hob. I shall we working alongside a wine co, where the wines will be paired up with my foods.

I also did my first government tender workshop London Waste & Recycling Board (LWARB) in Soho last Sunday, where I demonstrated a smoothie and energy balls. There were lots of influencers there and great exposure on social media for KitchenJoy and also for awareness on vegetarian recycled foods and non waste.

There were events continuing all day on this subject. Love not Landfill event:

The next LWARB course will be held at KitchenJoy on 7th August

I launched a couple of new courses on my website this month, the FODMAP diet which has been requested many times by clients so I will run this after the summer. Also as I work with Not on the High St (NOTHS), they requested a chocolate course. Now who wouldn’t like this! It will be mainly desserts working with vegan chocolate, raw cacao and 85% dark chocolate, some raw recipes as well. But I will also make a pulled pork taco main course with raw cacao added. Clients have booked up already for the first course on 15th October


This month there were a few No Sugar courses, using pineapple and banana in the smoothies to show you can have some natural sugars but lots of greens added as well, including spinach leaves, moringa powder and parsley. The main course was Japanese miso glazed salmon with maple syrup again demonstrating the powerful antioxidants in this ingredient. We finished with sweet potato brownies with no added sugar as this food group has natural sweetness and is slow releasing carbs.

Sweet potato brownies

Makes 10 Brownies

Preparation time:  20 minutes

Cooking time:  50 minutes


500g of sweet potatoes (about 2 medium)

12 mejdool dates

6 tbsp of maple syrup

2 tbsp melted coconut oil

a pinch of salt

100g ground oats

6 tbsp raw cacao

100g ground almonds

Start by pre-heating the oven to 180C (fan), then peel the sweet potatoes. Cut them into chunks and place into a steamer for about twenty minutes, until they become really soft.

Once they are perfectly soft and beginning to fall apart remove them and add them to a food processor with the pitted dates.

Put the remaining ingredients into a bowl, before mixing in the sweet potato date combination. Stir well.

Place into a lined baking dish and cook for about forty-five to fifty minutes, until you can pierce the brownie with a fork and bring it out dry. Remove the tray and allow it to cool for about ten minutes – this is really important as it needs this time to stick together!

Cut into squares, ideally served with coconut yoghurt.


JUNE 2019

Fiery pea and edamame dip

Fiery pea and edamame dip


Now summer is officially here, what a great way to start off the month, with a visit to Rock & Rose restaurant in Richmond with some of my favourite girlfriends. We managed to bag a table in the garden and they even supplied sun hats and sunglasses for the guests! Chiswick House also launched their first ever Chiswick Proms and despite the rain at the beginning of the picnic, we managed in true British style under brollys to still enjoy ourselves and the sun came out when Lesley Garrett came on stage with some classic last night of the proms from Albert Hall, for a grand singalong!

I joined the Victoria & Albert Museum, mainly because the Christian Dior exhibition had sold out, and this was a treat and so well put together. I have since visited the Mary Quant exhibition and with the V&A more or less on my doorstep it will be a delight to pop up for a couple of hours occasionally and make the most of my membership.


My gorgeous live wall seemed to be flaying and finally managed to get hold of the guy who installed it, to find out a pipe on the irrigation had disconnected. By this time I had lost about a third of my plants and was feeling quite stressed about this. But now he has planted some new and different plants which shall be interesting and hopefully will flourish in the summer months!

I have been super busy working with some amazing Corporate Companies on live cookery demo’s which all varied from a pop up picnic theme at ISE Partners in W1, where I served a sunshine shot of fresh juice, grated turmeric and grated fresh ginger. This was followed by mooli tacos of avo, toms, red onion, coriander and lime juice, all raw so super healthy! A vegan (chicken) seitan salad with grapes & walnuts were on offer and a live cooking demo of pea, za’atar and feta fritters, followed last but not least with bite sized chocolate and avocado brownie bites. The evening was buzzing with ISE clients and another stall were serving cocktails to order, what is there not to like!

I did a “lunch & learn” live cooking demo at LHH Penna in the city, serving a plant-based brain power smoothie and the pea fritters as above with a full on nutritional talk. The clients then tucked into the tasty dishes that I made.

On a similar note, I visited Visa at their Paddington offices to their staff and made a few other dishes such as roasted sweet potato and orange salad with sumac yoghurt and figs.

A Law firm in the city invited me in to give a proposal for one of their Christmas events, on a two hour workshop which I suggested a “vegnog” which will be plant-based milk with dates and some christmas spices, followed by a raw mushroom pate, brussels sprouts pad thai and vegan mince pies. They kindly invited me to their offices on Royal Ascot week for an afternoon tea which was devine!


I was busy running a few “eating through the menopause” courses this month and added a lot of soy ingredients to boost oestrogen levels at this stage of a woman’s life. The menu was fiery pea & edamame dip with flatbreads, and for the main we had zesty oat topped baked salmon and a tofu based chocolate mousse.

Fiery pea and wasabi dip

Serves 4


200g frozen edamame beans

150g frozen peas

½ teaspoon wasabi

1 green chilli, deseeded & finely chopped

Juice of 1 lemon

Handful of watercress

Large handful of flat-leaf parsley, finely chopped

3 heaped tablespoons of yoghurt

½ tablespoon olive oil.

Bring a large pan of water to the boil and simmer the edamame beans for 2 minutes before adding the peas and cooking for a further minute.

Remove the pan form the heat, drain the vegetables and immerse them in cold water.

Blitz them in a food processor with the remaining ingredients

Drizzle with a little olive oil and the dip is ready to serve with flatbreads.


MAY 2019

Vegan Seitan “beef” mongolian stir fry with toasted sesame seeds

Vegan Seitan “beef” mongolian stir fry with toasted sesame seeds


Now we are officially in the Spring, we can go out and enjoy the warm weather and tend to the garden. I love pottering around planting up the summer flowering plants and herb box. I also replanted some more herbs in the live herb wall in KitchenJoy space as they flourish in the warmer months. Additional herbs are rosemary, aloe vera, thyme, mint, chamomile, fennel, nasturtium & a chilli plant.

Had a super long weekend break in Montenegro, stunning scenery of the coastline with mountain backdrop and the foods were all natural, from cheeses made locally in the mountainside to cured meats and fresh bread.

A trip to Groucho club in Soho for a networking meeting, resulted in a live demonstration of the Argentinian steaks they serve and how the cows are raised and different cuts of the meat. Then we tasted the various samples which were delicious!

I met a business friend for lunch near Fulham and suggested the new Fulham open market which offers various culinary delights. So something for everyone. I chose the raw tuna poke bowl and my friend had a vegan buddha bowl. It was very buzzy and great to have this on our doorstep, I will be revisiting soon!


Just submitted a Tender for London Waste and Recycling Board (LWARB) which involves 30 workshops across London on sustainability and recycling foods. I am super excited to be eligible on the tender list and hope to have some positive news next month on winning some of the interactive cookery classes they wish to run.

Lots more Vegan courses this month again, and also anti-inflammatory and sugar elimination classes which is great to have the mix.

I am now receiving lots of requests for Nutritional talks at Corporate firms with a live tasting demo, which is fantastic news and the direction I want KitchenJoy to evolve into. Very exciting times, being able to showcase my nutritional foods and to a larger audience to enable me to educate and enhance people’s awareness of health and well being. I think June may be busy with some booked up Corporate events already.


The last vegan class with the new recipes went down a treat. Just loving the chocolate & orange tofu pudding. It is so light with the silken tofu and to have the orange flavour running through it with a pecan, raisin & vanilla crumble is just so tasty!

I think 50% of the class were Vegans and the rest were considering and moving to eating less meat which is where I think I am at and just thinking of creative ways of cooking plant-based meals which are easy to follow at home as well.

I attach the vegan chocolate and orange mousse recipe:

Chocolate & orange mousse

Serves 4


100 g vegan dark chocolate, melted

1 tbsp unsweetened almond milk

2 tbsp cocoa powder (or 1 tbsp cocoa powder and 1 tbsp vegan chocolate protein powder)

1 large orange, peeled and pips removed

zest of 1 orange

250 g silken tofu, drained

 Crumble topping:

115 g pecans

30 g raw cacao powder

100 g raisins

1 tbsp vanilla extract

Place the chocolate and almond milk in a pan and gently melt over a low heat, stirring to combine.

Put the melted chocolate into a food processor or blender with all the remaining ingredients for the mousse and blend until smooth and creamy.

Make up the crumble topping. Place the pecans and cacao powder in a food processor and process until roughly chopped. Add the raisins and vanilla and pulse to form rough crumbs.

Spoon the mousse into glasses and top with the crumble mixture. Decorate if wished.


APRIL 2019

Vegan fudgy chocolate brownies and Matcha green tea energy balls

Vegan fudgy chocolate brownies and Matcha green tea energy balls


Isn’t it wonderful to have some sunny weather this month, especially over the Easter break! I spent some time in Henley on Thames with friends over the Easter weekend, so lovely to get out of London and enjoy the countryside. We even had a bbq as the weather was so good. A little indulgent, but went to Fortnum & Mason for Afternoon tea, very english and quintessential eating our cucumber finger sandwiches whilst the pianist played in the background.

It was also my birthday, so lots of lovely celebrations, starting with a group of my friends at a Sri Lankan restaurant in Ealing As my birthday was on a Sunday this year, we went to The Ned in the city for the bottomless brunch, eating lobsters and many more delights

And to finish off April, by supporting my friend Fra who is running the Marathon for Scope. The atmosphere was great and cheering her on.


Have been practising some new recipes for Courses coming up. As I have mentioned, I made the beef seitan, and now its time to try chicken seitan. I wanted to make a chicken seitan salad with grapes and walnuts that can be used in a vegan picnic. Again the chicken seitan is versatile, which can be used in a number of delicious cooked recipes. And as Vegan courses are very popular at KitchenJoy, I experimented with a new vegan dessert, using silken tofu with raw cacao & a few more ingredients, to make a creamy chocolate mousse, this enabled higher protein intake, essential for vegans.

I also pitched at a West End firm for a closed networking event in June, where I will demonstrate some KitchenJoy recipes for a picnic theme. These will include the chicken seitan salad, mooli tacos with asian slaw, pea, feta & za’atar fritters and chocolate beetroot brownie bites. A few healthy picnic tasters!


Ran a few Gluten-free courses this month, which was interesting as client’s symptoms were anything from celiac, to diverticulitis and general gut health issues. At KitchenJoy we demonstrated that you can still have a healthy and varied diet using non wheat grains and gluten-free flours for baking to make delicious desserts. But also supporting your gut with bone broth and home made kefir to restore balance using probiotic bacteria for the prevention and treatment of gastrointestinal disturbances.

I attach below the Energy Ball recipe as per the photo above. This healthy on the go snack is packed with fibre, protein and healthy fats especially if you have an afternoon slump of low energy and fatigue to keep you going! Recipe below.

Matcha Green Tea Energy Balls

Makes 6 large balls


10 dates, pitted

3 tsp matcha green tea powder

2 tbsp cashews

1.5 tbsp almond nut butter

1.5 tbsp sunflower seeds

sprinkle of sesame seeds

Place all the ingredients (except sesame seeds) into a high speed blender until combined. Roll the mixture into balls and dip into the sesame seeds to coat. Place in freezer for 1 hour to set and then transfer to the fridge in an air tight container.


MARCH 2019

Making the zesty oat topped salmon on the Boost your Brain Power course in March

Making the zesty oat topped salmon on the Boost your Brain Power course in March


Spring has sprung! Loving all the daffodils and tulips out, and my snowdrops in the garden look lovely. A city break to Lisbon was planned to break up the cold weather and get some some rays on my skin. Lisbon is very hilly and therefore lots of walking, taking in cultural sites and sampling the most wonderful seafood and Portuguese wines. Towards the end of March, I planned a dinner party for my friends with peppered mackerel pate with capers and one of my favourite recipes, Nigel Slater’s roasted duck.

Not wanting to waste any foods, I had a delicious looking chocolate panetonne to use and hence made a bread and butter pudding. All a bit indulgent but great company, chats and the wine was flowing! And to finish off the month, a long walk followed by lunch at The Anglesea Arms nearby for Mother’s Day.


More KitchenJoy Vouchers being validated which resulted in Boost your Brain Power Course and Eating Vegan cookery classes.

NOTHS (Not on the High Street) launched a new partners day, which was very informative, giving us stats on more established partners sales to date and how we can promote our own courses on their site supported by their marketing and admin team. It was interesting to hear that only 2% of applicants are successful, so I feel very honoured and privileged. You can check me out on their site here:

My friend Anna, a professional photographer came over to KitchenJoy to take a few up-to-date snaps of myself and my daughter for the website, with some action shots of me in the kitchen and by the live herb wall. It was a fun and productive day and I have already loaded new photos onto the website.

And last but not least, I did my stint on the panel at International Women’s Day at Wedlake Bell law firm in the city. I brought along my vegan raspberry, lemon & oat muffins, gluten-free goat’s cheese, chocolate chip & sea salt muffins + date and matcha tea energy balls. The panel chair asked us various questions on how we set up our business, the drawbacks, plus points and any challenging moments. How we have found being a female in the work place and if this has inhibited moving forward in our business in any way. There were about 100 clients invited and finally there was Q&A open to the floor. I hope I was inspiring to anyone who wanted to transition from a Corporate world to running their own business to discussing female empowerment. It was also great for networking as I met many other corporate companies and individuals who wanted to book tasting demo’s and cookery classes.


With more Vegan Courses booked in March and further bookings into April, the home made seitan is proving to be a success! I changed the dessert for the March courses, as I feel sometimes vegan desserts are top heavy on sugar which we are trying to reduce. Following on from the theme of Mongolian “beef” seitan, I decided to make a more Asian dessert to complement the main. It was Mango & brown rice pudding, poached in coconut milk and pureed mango stirred through - a great hit!

On the brain power course, I like to serve salmon if we have no vegetarians attending, to boost our Omega 3 intake, with a tasty oat, lemon zest & dill topping. Oats can improve cognitive performance and improve mental health and act as fuel to the brain and satisfy hunger, reducing the chance of a mid-day crash.

Recipe below.

Zesty Oat Topped Salmon Fillets with rainbow carrots


2 salmon fillets

1 tbsp olive oil (and extra for salmon fillets)

1 heaped tbsp of rolled oats

1 tbsp of ground almonds

1 tbsp fresh dill, chopped

Finely grated zest & juice of 1 lemon

150g rainbow carrots

1 tbsp of chopped fresh rosemary

Salt & pepper to taste

Preheat the oven to 220c. Place carrots in a large bowl.  Add the oil, rosemary, and a pinch of salt and pepper. Toss to coat.   Lay the carrot on a lined flat baking tray and roast for 25 minutes, turning halfway through.  Remove from the oven and place the salmon fillets on the tray.  Lightly brush the top of each salmon fillet with olive oil.

Mix the oats, almonds, dill and lemon zest.  Sprinkle the mixture evenly over the salmon fillets and pat down lightly to give a good coating.  Drizzle the lemon juice over.

Reduce the heat to 180c and bake the salmon and vegetables for approximately 15 minutes until the crust is golden and the salmon is cooked through.



Sampling the smoothie we made on anti-ageing skin nutrition course in February

Sampling the smoothie we made on anti-ageing skin nutrition course in February


After surviving the long chilly January month, I thought it was time for a visit to Borough Market. This is one of my favourite foodie venues. I always like to try and share the French comte toasted sani, quite rich but such a treat and the best toasted cheese sandwich you will taste! Followed by Richard Haward’s oysters, these are truly the best oysters you will find in London. It is a family based business and they are farmed around the creeks of Mersea Island, Essex.

After picking up some fresh veggies for the forthcoming week and delicious cheeses with rosemary & garlic bread, I was all set for a sharing board to stay in later that evening.

Was truly spoilt for Valentine’s Day! I just love white flowers, so instead of the traditional red roses, was presented with 12 white roses, which looked stunning. My partner surprised me with a hotel stay over in Greenwich, a great part of London and went to The Guildford Arms, which was awarded best dining pub of the year 2018 for a wonderful gastronomical menu.

It was my friend Cindy’s big birthday, so I made her a triple layer chocolate cake smothered in ganache icing to celebrate! What a party with cake and fizz !

My girlfriend, Jen came over who is vegetarian, I had the opportunity to try out some new Indian dishes as I know she loves Indian food. I made coconut lentil dahl from Melissa Hemsley who I follow and always has inspiring healthy recipes, and a filo pastry samosa pie of potato, squash & peas.

It seems like we had a mini heat wave in February, how amazing was that! But I have been a little under the weather with a chest infection so I do not believe in working out when your body is trying to fight a virus. Just been taking a few walks along the river in Chiswick and around Chiswick House to make the most of the winter sun. I have been consuming lots of green smoothies and kefir to boost my immune system, along with my favourite sunshine shot, a cocktail of freshly squeezed orange juice, dash of lemon juice, grated fresh turmeric and grated fresh ginger. Its strong and zingy but I love it and its such a good tonic ! Also having a few sneaky relaxes in my garden and noticed the snowdrops are out, which I planted last year around the tree trunk, how gorgeous they look in the sunlight in February!


Wow, lots of courses getting booked up, as I sold KitchenJoy Gift Vouchers over the Christmas period, and now they are all coming through.

Launched a new course of anti-ageing skin nutrition and also ran another Vegan + No sugar course too.

I have a partnership with As Nature Intended (ANI) which means KitchenJoy advertising ANI’s organic raw ingredients which I use to demonstrate a couple of dishes at their Chiswick store. This was a tasting demo of roasted carrot hummus and chocolate beetroot brownies, both prepared earlier in my cookery school. It is a great way of marketing for KitchenJoy and also promoting the school locally, as ANI are only a few minutes away on Chiswick High Road.

The second event was a live demo at ANI’s flagship store in Marble Arch, ticketed sales to a live audience where I demonstrated pea, za’atar & feta fritters, plus courgette kofta’s in coconut sauce. I partnered with Jackie Lynch, a nutritionist & we have worked together on some courses at KitchenJoy in 2018 and plan more this coming year. This combination works well, as while I am cooking, Jackie will be giving in depth discussions on the nutritional value of each food type. The audience then sample the foods that have been cooked.

Not on the High Street (NOTHS) came along to KitchenJoy to see what we were made of and to finalise our partnership which is very exciting! I will now be featured in their “experiences” food section on line and already this month some NOTHS customers have bought KitchenJoy vouchers! Bring it on……

And last but not least, a leading city law firm has nominated me as a panelist of 3, for Women’s International Day on 7th March. This is beyond exciting and have been busy prepping some KitchenJoy breakfast recipes to showcase to the audience of 70. . I am planning two different types of breakfast muffins and some energy balls. A conference call was booked to discuss KitchenJoy challenges and motivation for the upcoming event.


Just made the most delicious dessert on vegan cookery class, a sticky toffee pear pudding where the pears are inserted into the wet sponge standing up, looks very impressive when it comes out of the oven with the pears sticking out!

Onto other desserts, I made sweet potato brownies on the No Sugar course, a healthy brownie that also features a vegetable. A superfood vegetable that’s a major source of vitamin C. I know sounds too good to be true. They were seriously indulgent, rich and fudgy and slightly firm inside but still quite gooey. A healthy brownie recipe without the sugar rush. Hello, Sweet Potato Brownies!

Had a private birthday party for 8 girlies, was such fun! It was the same format as the standard KitchenJoy cookery classes, being interactive but they brought their own wine. We made a chicken tagine, which has no added oil and the aubergines are marinated and cooked in soy sauce, with lots of yummy ingredients such as dates which make this dish very tasty. It is from the Happy Pear twins book, take a peak !

I just LOVE listening to my podcasts whilst trying out new recipes for the cookery classes and Russell Brand was interviewing the Happy Pear boys which really is worth listening to, from their childhood & travels, to setting up their dream business, very inspirational and funny!

It was great to launch the anti-ageing skin nutrition course starting with a glowing skin smoothie as per the photo above and recipe below. Avocado is high in fatty acids for moisturising the skin and mango rich in beta carotene - a wonderful source of skin healing anti -oxidants and flax seeds for their omega 3 benefits to minimise rashes, skin irritation and inflammation.

Here is the recipe for the smoothie:

Glowing skin smoothie
Serves 1
200ml almond milk
½ mango
Few spinach leaves
1 tbsp flax seeds
1 tbsp maca powder
½ avocado
Few brazil nuts

Place all ingredients in a blender, pour and enjoy!