“Kitchen Joys Immune course was amazing, as someone who suffers from Crohns disease it was filled with very valuable learning's which I am excited to put into place.  The instructions were clear and easy to understand (and as a non-cook that was very important to me) and the food was AMAZING - can't wait to try the recipes at home.

Joy is very passionate and knowledgeable and well a complete 'joy' to be around.  I can't wait to book my next course” 

Emma Hamill

Building up your Immune Course

“I attended the cooking for menopause course with Joy, it was a lovely way to spend the day learning about what foods to eat to help with the menopause whilst enjoying cooking and eating the tasty foods” 


Eating For The Menopause Course

“We had so much fun and learnt so much! Joy is so knowledgeable and friendly. I’ve already recommended KitchenJoy to my friends and will definitely be back.”

Katie Jones

Healthy Eating Through Menopause Course

"Such a fun way to really educate yourself about what you should be putting in your body"

Helen given

Boost Your Brain Power Course

"Bought the class as a gift for my wife, and we both ended up learning so much! Can't wait to try the delicious recipes at home."

John grey

Preparing Your Immune System Course