Our story


KitchenJoy is a Cookery School with a difference; providing cookery courses that combine experiential learning of culinary skills with a medicinal foundation to promote health and wellbeing.  Each session has a specific focus from learning to boost your immune system and energy levels, what foods can nourish your body to good mood foods, and cooking for healthy brain function. Using nutritional pillars to inspire the recipes, seasonal ingredients are locally sourced and specifically selected to promote wellbeing.

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Why did I start this journey?


- Alex

When my daughter was a toddler, she suddenly became very ill. Despite countless emergency trips to the hospital, the medics could not determine the source of her symptoms.  After various inconclusive tests, we finally found clarity through the health of a naturopath, who diagnosed Alex with an allergy of Aspertame, an artificial sweetener. With natural medicine, Alex’s symptoms cleared up immediately. 


What did I do next?


- Healthy lifestyle

This prompted me to sign up for an alternative medicine course, which included Homeopathy, Herbal, Chinese Medicine &  Nutrition. We grew and juiced wheatgrass and generally tried to eat unprocessed foods and maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle.  This ignited my creative side and I developed a passion for throwing ingredients together to produce healthy and tasty dishes. I was keen to continue my mission and learn more about how food can contribute to good health, and have visited various retreats across the world to gain more knowledge in holistic wellbeing. This has been and continues to be a fascinating journey of learning, and I now feel that I want to share this with others.


Where am I now?


- KitchenJoy

I am still learning everyday and regularly attend courses at Institute for Optimum Nutrition  (ION) to enhance my knowledge. After recently returning from a 2 year volunteering post in Swaziland, Africa, I  decided to open up a Cookery School with a different philosophy:   Using all my life experiences in Nutrition and world cooking to create, not just nutritional classes,  but a place where people can come together, learning skills, sharing knowledge, with minimum fuss, all with the common love of food.


I am a complete foodie And want to share my passion with you!