The slaw is made up of red cabbage, pomegranate and watercress salad

The slaw is made up of red cabbage, pomegranate and watercress salad


Just rocking off to the Hamptons! Was always on my bucket list and it did not disappoint. We flew to NY and hired a car to the furthest tip of Long Island - Montauk, which is a surfing laid back town. Very quaint with the colonial style houses and great rolling sand dunes and beaches. The food was very fresh and lots of new ideas for KitchenJoy. Second day in we visited a very local seafood festival and had our first (one of many…) lobster rolls and fish tacos. We ate an abundance of seafood generally; such as lobster, oysters, clams and crabs with huge cobb salads to accompany it and tried a few raw tuna tacos as well. Also checked out a few new vegan options to experiment with back home such as smoked salmon (carrot lox), cream cheese & bagels, all very delicious.
Was only back a few days and one of my close friends from Hong Kong got married, a huge party near Epping Forest with copious amounts of fizz, food & dancing! A good time had by all…..

My father’s 91st birthday, and decided to make him a Russian Sharlotka cake which is more of a batter with seasonal blackberries & pears. Was very delicious and will be adding to the recipe portfolio!

For the last Sunday in September, I went to Sunday Papers Live event in Primrose HIll where presenters discuss various topics from politics, sport, to travel. Interesting debates and lounging on sofas all day, a great way to spend a Sunday!


It was a case of hit the ground running, when I returned from NY, as I had a full partner’s day at Not on the High St (NOTHS) where we had to launch Christmas! I published a new festive season course for the beginning of December on my website and on NOTHS, enticing people with alternative creative Christmas dishes. Following this, I headed up to W1 for a fun networking event at ISE Partners to meet hedge funders and other ISE clientele to promote corporate courses for KitchenJoy.

A law firm in Covent Garden had their end of summer party where the theme was Italian Job, executed splendidly, and again promoted KitchenJoy tasting demos to their partners and clients.

I visited the Food Trade Fair at Olympia to research new creative ideas with plenty of tastings. There were a lot more vegan options available, but the latest trend was CPD oil & hemp in cold pressed coffee and carbonated drinks and some foods. It also seems the USA are further ahead on this trend.


This month I ran a course on “Anti Ageing Skin Nutrition”. As we know, what you eat does effect your skin. We made a glowing skin smoothie with lots of mango, avocado, flax seeds & spinach to feed your skin - the largest organ of the body. For the main course we made Japanese miso glazed salmon, with lots of green veggies and grains. A gorgeous matcha green tea panna cotta for dessert, which is not only light but very nutritious with the green tea element which helps ageing, acne and stimulates and rejuvenates skin cells.

Below is a recipe for the Panna cotta. This can be made in advance and is so light, silky and creamy.

Matcha Panna Cotta

Serves 4


1 cup plant based or dairy milk

2 cups of cream

2 tsp gelatine

2 tsp matcha green powder

2 tsp vanilla essence

Toppings (optional)

Lightly grease 4 ramekins and set aside. (can spray with coconut oil)

Pour half the milk into a cup and sprinkle the gelatine on top. Stir and allow the gelatine to dissolve.

In a medium saucepan, over medium-low heat, pour the heavy cream, vanilla, sugar and matcha powder and whisk to combine.

Pour in the gelatine and cream mixture and stir.

Continue cooking and whisking occasionally until barely simmering.

Remove pan from heat and divide cream mixture among 4 ramekins (ideally chill ramekins overnight beforehand) and allow to come to room temperature.

Place the ramekins into the fridge for at least 4 hours to chill and set.

When ready to serve, dip each ramekin into a bowl with hot water for 5 seconds. Invert ramekin onto a serving plate. Top with fresh whipped cream and edible flowers or berries.