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There is a certain subtle science to understanding which wines are better suited to certain meals. It comes down to knowing the drop's flavour intensity, acidity, sweetness and tannin. Once you've got those elements figured out you can make an educated assumption as to what types of food and ingredients the wine will work with.

When pairing wine with food you have to fight fire with fire.  Acidic foods with acidic wines - e.g. Sauvignon Blanc and salad with vinaigrette.  If you have a big bold wine then you need a big bold food - e.g. Argentine Malbec with red meat. That's why pudding wines are sweet - sweet wine, sweet food.

KitchenJoy has partnered with who will be talking us through each of the delicious wines individually which will be paired with seven tasty healthy tapas to enhance your dining experience.

This is an exclusive evening devoted to foodies and wine lovers, transforming the Cookery School Kitchen into an inviting space and cozy memorable social experience.

Small plates menu:
Garlic & parsley grilled squid Black rice chicken paella
Smoky albondigas meatballs
Chorizo in red wine
Tarta de Santiago (Spanish almond cake)
Manchego with drizzled honey

Courses      max 16 persons
Dates        Friday 8th March 2019
Duration     Evening  
Timings      7 p.m. - 10 pm
Cost            £45.00

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Later Event: March 18